And suddenly, at midnight, they

And suddenly, at midnight, they Give instead of cheese cakes let's eat corned beef, and instead of tea we will boil waters and we will meet the coming New Year.

And suddenly, at midnight, they heard loud shouts from the street New Year came!

New Year came!

Where here house old go seller of hats!

It is surprising that it were voices of statues Dzhidzosama which approached the house of old men.

Statues carried with themselves the sledge on the top loaded by rice, miso it is tasty bean paste, apples and other sweets.

Spa sibo to you for your fine hats, dear seller hats.

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Also are grazed

Also are grazed Such long and such high that nobody could to bypass it.

Vezhnik only knew there is behind a fence a big house from black logs, upholstered for heat with cervine skins.

Also there live in that house seventy black brothers.

Also are grazed for high fence hundred thousand deer.

Also skins of deer are warm, and heating their blood, and their meat is tasty … But vezhnik only heard about all this is was not at them neither deer, nor houses, they also ate only fish, which vytaski bring down from under black ice.

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In group

In group As it to you belongs?

Normally Maxim muttered.

Maxim did not tell mother that the historian called him also suggested to organize in school Theater of role history chesky game.

They together wrote the scenario of the first game, together took children, together prepared suits.

Maxims now vanished in school till late evening.

In group it had less problems, all wanted to participate in game to try on on itself a role of the knight or medieval soldier.

Mother as though became quieter.

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Wrinkles Mother did not hear from the son a particle any more not and is silent shone brightly with happiness.

Wrinkles on her face were smoothed, the stooped shoulders rose, she as if looked younger years on ten.

Everything was remarkable about one illfated day.

Ma me called for work and caused in militia, told that it the son is detained for malicious hooliganisM. She came running, without feeling under herself feet, and saw the son to a vma to sta with two other boys on a bench under protection militiaman.

Here, grazhdanochka, your son.

Together with two others hooligans threw stones in an electric train window.

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With one the parties

With one the parties By fall the one and only pear kept up on a tree.

With one the parties by the sun it is reddened, and with another as if yellow honey it is impregnated.

Since then did not become old men of rest As if boys did not break a pear.

And after all it not the simple pear, about our Snowball expensive memory.

The old man saw that boys hung on a fence, from a pear do not take eyes, and cried A pear, a pear, run, That enemies did not overtake!

From a branch on a branch pryg!

With lower on the top pryg!

The pear on a branch downloaded and suddenly went to jump with one branches on another, everything higher, higher, higher and hid in leaves at the top.

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